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For Business Owners

ShopPhilly1st is for businesses that have a primary address / office in Philadelphia County (191).

A standard business listing is free and includes business address and description, website URL, search key words, filter selects and three photos.

Yes. When creating your listing, simply enter in a zip code for your home office Internet business. When prompted, check Yes to Ecommerce.

Yes. Simply create an account and log in to your listing dashboard to manage your content.

Yes. We offer “Featured Listings” which appear at the top of the page within every category. Email your interest to

Yes. We offer advertising inventory. Banner ads must follow IAB standard sizes. Email your interest to

Yes. Log into your account and add your special offers where indicated.

For Consumers

Apps will be available soon. Google first followed by Apple. Check the website for details.

Yes. Simply click on the My Profile link or Sign In button to create an Account. You will be prompted to create a User ID and Password for access.